Cosmetic Dentistry

We make smiles brighter, literally.

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Why not have the smile you’ve always wanted? Whether you’re looking for a subtle shift in the color of your teeth or you’re interested in restoring a chipped tooth, we can definitely help you shine brighter.

We emphasize the aesthetic aspect of dentistry in all of our procedures.  From your very first visit to the end we use the best compliment of prevention,white fillings, and restorative techniques sensitive to your individual wants and needs to achieve the absolute best result.

Most cosmetic enhancements can be achieved by simple procedures in just one or two visits. Here are just a few ways we can help you:


Whitening your teeth is safe and effective procedure. We recommend the Brite Smile system which is done in our office in just one hour. The whitening gel is applied by our trained technicians. The remarkable results last for several years. You can also whiten your teeth using Nite White trays. The trays are custom fit for your teeth. You simply add the whitening gel to the trays every night for approximately 7-10 days and then enjoy the results.


Botox is a prescriptive, cosmetic medicine used to improve the look of wrinkles and frown lines. There’s no surgery and no recovery time. Treatment is quick and starts working within 24-48 hours. Most people see a significant improvement by 7 days.


A veneer is a thin layer of composite resin or porcelain applied over the tooth to enhance or correct the appearance of the tooth. Veneers are an excellent way to correct and redesign your smile.  They can fix cracked, discolored and misaligned teeth. Veneer placement usually requires one visit when composite resin is used and two visits when porcelain is used.

White Fillings-Bondings

No more dark silver-mercury fillings.  All of our fillings are tooth-colored so they blend in naturally.  These fillings are bonded to your teeth so less tooth needs to be removed resulting in a stronger restoration.



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